Support Desk Protocol

The reception of the Support Desk for KAV Consulting has been positive and we find that it is a helpful tool for us. However, similar to other Help Desks, we have to define protocols for certain situations. We are setting up a process to close tickets that are in a pending status for over 2 weeks. We will send out an email alerting the requestor of the intention and then, if it still isn't closed by the requestor, we will close the ticket. The following SLA guidelines will also be maintained.

Priority Definition Assignment Timeframe Initial Response Time
Urgent Requiring immediate action or attention. Complete system impact 2 hours + client notification 1 day
High Impact on daily operations, but no work stoppage 4 hours 4 days
Medium Partial impact on daily operations 1 day 5 days
Low Request not impacting daily operations 2 days 10 days
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